Branding and the stop effect

Branding and the stop effect

Every aspect of a stand contributes to the company’s profile. It is therefore important to think holistically. We are happy to help you with this process so you get the best solution for your budget.

Branded products
Compass Fairs offers a range of products for increased visibility. Our graphic department will create a comprehensive design based on the guidelines given for your brand.
We deliver many branded products that give an aesthetic boost, whether you are arranging or attending a trade fair, exhibition, event, congress or conference.
Order materials can be delivered directly to the agreed address. If you want something assembled, we will be happy to do the work for you.

Aluvision – fremtidige eksponeringsløsninger

Sammen med kvalitetsleverandøren Aluvision tilbyder Compass Fairs spektakulære mødesteder for optimal eksponering af dit brand. Aluvision er et stativsystem med fleksible moduler, der er nemme at samle. Små og store digitale skærme kan nemt integreres i vægge og lofter og giver spændende eksponeringsmuligheder med høj standsekraft. Ved at sætte elementerne sammen på nye måder skaber vi unikke designs i samarbejde med vores kunder. Aluvision er blandt verdens førende inden for Premium Custom standsystemer. De holdbare moduler er af høj kvalitet. Det er et bæredygtigt system, der sikrer genbrug. På Compass Fairs kan du leje dele eller komplette løsninger fra vores Aluvision sortiment. Kontakt os for mere information.

Fabric Wall

Get noticed with a wall frame. The flexible system enables you to choose size and format designed for the space you have available. Choose between aligned or curved design.
Backlight makes the message pop out even more.
Whenever possible, we design and assemble ceiling-mounted banners, which gives you visibility at a distance.

Curtain with print

A back room or separate cubicle provides space for items that should not be visible to your customers / guests. Curtains are a flexible option. The company logo, a special message, pattern, or image on the curtain strengthens the visual impression.

Carpet with print

Let the floor become a part of the branding with tailormade messages, We pprint logo or other visual elements on carpets. In cooperation with our team, you will find the best solution for your company.

Fabric wall with light

Using backlight, the message on your frame wall will become even more visible. The format depends on the size of the stand. Light can be used behind large fabric walls, or as part of minor elements which are important to highlight.

Ceiling banners

Whenever possible, we design and assemble ceiling-mounted banners which gives you extraordinary visibility, even at a long distance.


Small gifts to your customers and partners. We provide a wide range of branding articles. Some examples: water bottles, chocolate, coffee cups or power banks. All articles showing your logo.

Use the discount code cfmesse when you order for even better prizes.For more information and ordering click here

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