Every detail contributes to the whole

Every detail contributes to the whole

There are many details you don’t see or worry about. There are several elements that need to be in place in order for everything to work and be functional.

We can deliver a large selection of the following electrical products:
– Lighting
– Sockets
– Cables
– TVs and TV stands
– White goods
– Water coolers
– IC cooler
– Coffee makers


Light has several functions. It has to be practical and provide an optimal viewing experience for the audience. Smaller stands require a different type of lighting than large and open exposure solutions. Proper and good lighting enhances visual identity and underlines your company’s brand profile. Let us help you find the right lighting.

TV and racks

We offer TV in many sizes. The screens can be mounted on a wall or on a stand and have HDMI and USB input. Use our experience to find the right TV for your exposure needs.

Power outlets and cables

Our assortment gives you access to a wide range of power connections for all types of events. Let us find the right arrangement, and ensure that everything is correctly dimensioned for your specific power needs.

Small electrical appliances

Depending on what you are going to exhibit, you may need electrical equipment in addition to lighting and TV screens. We provide most appliances, e.g. mini fridge, power cooler and coffee maker.